Monday, May 28, 2018

Memories & Experiences to Last a Lifetime!

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

The above quote, attributed to Benjamin Franklin, sums up the mission of Wildwood Wildlife Park: to provide an exciting zoological collection and educational facility to all visitors. Promoting life-long learning by enriching minds, fostering environmental respect, while helping prepare our visitor for our conservation future. We strive to provide experiences that last a lifetime with every visit no matter your age.

A visit to the zoo is an educational experience by itself and we believe by involving our visitors in our conservation efforts we expand the circle of people who will make a difference.

Wildwood Wildlife Park is dedicated to the understanding, celebration and conservation of wildlife through the excellence in education, animal husbandry, exhibits and community relations.

It is in this spirit the park created the William E. Gardner Education and Events Center. 

Located adjacent to the Living History Center and the Dino Dig Adventure, our zoo's Educational Center is filled with amazing hands on exhibits. Visitors can see into the world of the honeybee and witness them performing their amazing duties to produce honey. 

Microscopes help you identify insects - educational stations teach identification including skulls, fur and artifacts.

There are many other displays including tarantula, lizard, frog, gecko, scorpion and finches. There are so many opportunities to learn in every corner of the center. 

Our conservation corner features videos that share the conservation efforts Wildwood Wildlife Park is involved in to help protect and preserve rhinos, sloths, lemurs, leopards, and tigers all of which our zoo actively supports.

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