Monday, May 7, 2012

Very Beary Fun Facts

Did you know that not all Black Bears are actually black; some of them are blue-black, brown, cinnamon, blonde, dark brown or even white.

Black Bears are known for their swimming capabilities: they can swim for about 1-1/2 miles in fresh water.

Just because a Black Bear is standing on its hind legs does not necessarily mean it is about to charge. Sometimes the bear is making an attempt to smell and see whatever it is that has made it curious.

Black Bears compensate for their poor eyesight with very developed senses of hearing and smell.

The adult Black Bear can weigh between 90 and 880 pounds: the females are smaller than the males. Did you know the cubs of the Black Bear only weigh between 1/2 and 1 pound when they are born?

Black Bears are generally very shy and can be easily frightened. The Black Bear is very quick and can run as fast as 35-miles an hour!

Some people believe Black Bears are a threat. they are actually tolerant and gentle animals that can be very playful and social. 

Do you know how the Teddy Bear got its name? Post your answer in the comment section or on our Facebook page. It will be fun to see how many people know the story behind the favorite toy to children (and grown ups!) everywhere!