Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wildwood Zookeepers visit Camp Angel at Camp Manito-Wish

One of the New Year traditions that we look forward to is traveling to Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, to visit the Angel On My Shoulder kids at Camp Manito-Wish. On January 9th several of the zookeepers from Wildwood made their annual visit bringing with them several of our special residents.

Angel On My Shoulder is a non-profit organization that assists and supports individuals, families and caregivers affected by cancer. Camps, such as the one the Wildwood zookeepers participated in, offer the assurance that make it clear they are not alone.

Camp Angel holds their winter session at Camp Manito-Wish YMCA in Boulder Junction. While it is cold outside the cozy and warm Northwood's cabins with the fireplaces keep everyone warm and toasty. The campers enjoy popcorn, hot chocolate, and other treats while playing games and getting to know each other and their counselors. Campers at Camp Angel offer a number of interesting, unique and educational presentations; the zookeepers all look forward to their presentation.

Each zookeeper spent approximately five minutes talking about the animal before the children were able to ask questions of the zookeepers. The zookeepers then lined up so the children could touch and pet each animal and ask additional questions.

Our time spent with the campers at Camp Angel is something we always look forward too. No matter what the temperature is outside when we leave, we're wrapped in the warmth of courage, love and hope.

Three of the five animals at Camp Angel. Left to right: Daffy the striped skunk,
Arnie the 9 banded armadillo, Peanut the Flemish giant (rabbit).
Not shown: a box turtle and African spurred tortoise.