Monday, July 22, 2013

Wildwood Wildlife Park Says Thank You To Our Zoo Keepers: Zoo Keeper Appreciation Week July 21-27

National Zoo Keepers Appreciation Week July 21-27th

On behalf of the entire staff we would like to say thank you to the dedicated Zoo Keepers at Wildwood Wildlife Park for the incredible work they do keeping our animals healthy and happy. 

Our Zoo Keepers devote their lives taking care of our diverse collection of animals. Everyday is a unique learning experience - when you spend your day with animals, no day is ever the same.  

Zoo Keepers do so much more than just feeding, clean up after and care for the animals. They are advocates for the animals they care for and they strive to make the public aware of issues facing animals in the wild. Today's Zoo Keepers interact with the animals in their care which includes training and enrichment to ensure the animals act more like their wild selves. Zoo Keepers keep close watch over the animals in order to detect the slightest change that could be an indication of an illness; animals instinctively hide because in the wild, an illness is a sign of weakness.

If you visit the park this week, please say hello to the Keepers and thank them for the hard work they perform every day to care for our animal residents. We appreciate everything they do to help make Wildwood Wildlife Park a destination for conservation, education and FUN!