Tuesday, December 5, 2017

CustomCages: One of the Proud Sponsors of Wildwood Wildlife Park

It is no secret that it takes a village of caring and dedicated people to operate a zoo - many of whom work tirelessly behind the scenes. As important as the daily care of each of our zoo residents - from the reptiles to the giraffes - our zookeepers need to be aware of their individual needs which includes their enclosures designed to keep them safe while allowing our guests the best experience possible. During the 2017, CustomCages, one of the proud sponsors to Wildwood Wildlife Park, installed several aviary SunCatcher Enclosures.

Every SunCatcher enclosure is built in the shop to ensure it assemble smoothly and easily and can be configured for your bird or small animal cage needs. 

From their web page: "Since 1998 we have worked tirelessly to design, modify and re-design our custom cage system. We have used over a dozen engineers, tested countless prototypes and materials, used computer generated strength analysis, and spent thousands of hours on our design to ensure it has the proper strength, durability, and functionality."

Check out the video by CustomCage about their SunCatcher enclosure at Wildwood Wildlife Park.