Monday, August 11, 2014

A Rainbow Colored Surprise

It isn’t often that we are truly surprised - but last week while making our rounds we were surprised to discover Rainbow Boa babies! Rainbow Boa’s are one of the few species of snakes who give live birth rather than laying eggs. Snakes give birth from 2 to 20 babies; within two weeks of age the babies begin eating a diet of small mammals.

Rainbow Boa’s are a species of non-venomous constrictor that are found in South America. They are known for their attractive iridescent sheen on their scales. Like most Boa's they have heat-sensing pits on their faces that allow them to detect the body heat of their warm-blooded prey. 

Rainbow Boa’s are nocturnal and spend time during the daytime basking. They are active at dawn and dusk and feed on small mammals, birds and lizards.