Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Looking Forward to Another Exciting Season!

"In like a lion - out like a lamb." That may be the case anywhere except the north woods of Wisconsin! However, here at Wildwood Wildlife Park, we are roaring through each day getting ready for our spring opening, planned for April 29th at 9:00am.

Our safari-drive through is right on target for our spring opening. The new trams and tractors have arrived and thanks to our technology "geek" the new sound system equipment is operational and ready to go.

We are excited to offer this new experience to our guests and to introduce everyone to our new zoo residents and there are quite a few of them! The list includes Big Horn sheep, Dall sheep, Nyala, and Emu just to name a few. 

Thanks to our talented construction team guests arriving and departing the safari-drive have shelters at both the drop off and loading areas. 

Speaking of new construction, work will begin this summer for the Gibbon/Squirrel Monkey habitat and the winter building and a new winter building for our cranes.

Being busy is good - especially when the fruits of our labor can be shared with a community that recognizes the importance of the hard work that goes into being successful with the animals, education and conservation missions. We look forward to another exciting season and hope you will make plans to join us often!

copyright 2017 Wildwood Wildlife Park