Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Opening for the 2012 Season on Saturday, April 28th!

Although it has been warm outside we are in the process of acclimating Wildwood Wildlife Park animal residence. We gradually change the environment temperature, humidity, and photoperiod so all the animals will adjust to temperature fluxuation from morning to peak day to evening temperatures. The majority of our animals have been in consistent heated temperature buildings, so acclimation occurs by lowering the ambient temperature 5 degrees every week until the temperature in the building is similar to the outside temperature. Then our animals will be ready to transfer to their outside exhibits.
Our black bears woke up one week ago: Buddy (seen in the photo on the right) is wide-awake, Candy is half awake, Honey did not want to wake up she opened her eyes licked her toes and fell back to sleep!
Candy and Honey have been sleeping most of the days even though the weather is nice.  
Spring has sprung Wildwood Wildlife Park has some babies born already including:

Baby Cavy

Baby Chicks

Baby Bunnies

Baby Chinchilla