Thursday, April 10, 2014

Phase One of the Wildwood Wildlife Park Expansion: Wildwood Educational & Events Center

In the late fall of 2013 Wildwood Wildlife Park purchased an additional 65 acres, as part of the zoo’s vision to constantly evolve and attract visitors, with new animals, new exhibits, new educational center, and more ways to interact with some animals.

This new acreage has more than doubled the size of the park for a total of 100 acres.

The projects will be done in several phases over the next five years. The first phase is the Educational and Events Center.

The educational area will house live bees, where viewers will witness the honeybees performing their specialized 
duties to produce honey, educational exhibits, and interactive displays.

The center will also be able to be rented for birthdays, meetings, and small wedding events.

In the future, Wildwood Wildlife Park would like to host over night camps for kids.  

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